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  1. P&Cs Queensland says schools could share in "tens of millions" of dollars in extra funding under its proposal to send money earned from recycling directly to state schools.

  2. A renewable energy boom is reinvigorating the Darling Downs local economy but although some landholders are eager to be involved, not all residents are pleased about the new developments.

  3. In an admission of the size and scope of the current drought crisis gripping parts of the nation, the Federal Government announces a significant increase in the funding available for struggling communities.

  4. A man has been charged with dangerous driving after being caught on camera deliberately driving his car at a motorcycle policeman in Toowoomba, west of Brisbane.
  5. Two officers are injured when their police car is rammed multiple times north of Brisbane, hours after a motorcycle patrolman filmed a man trying to drive him off the road to evade arrest near Toowoomba.

  6. Researchers hope millet crops could help farmers battling dry conditions while also helping to tackle global obesity and malnourishment.

  7. Successful refugee settlement on Queensland's Darling Downs is hailed as an example for councils Australia-wide.

  8. Despite increases in almond and cotton plantings in the southern Murray-Darling Basin, commodity forecaster ABARES reports water market prices would be no higher than the peaks of the millennium drought.

  9. Sports doctor Mark Rafe says most ball sports are relatively safe, that equestrian activities are far worse for spinal injuries, and sport is a critical element of a healthy lifestyle.

  10. Farmers are concerned the media is focusing too heavily on drought disaster stories that are damaging the reputation of Australia's livestock industry.

  11. An old family photo found in a Queensland tip shop has finally been reunited with relatives after a social media appeal.

  12. Rugby union great Tim Horan and former schoolboy player Perry Cross call for changes to school competitions after several students are seriously injured in matches in Queensland.

  13. As parts of the country face the toughest drought in people's lifetimes, tree species that can assist in water and soil management have a renewed purpose.

  14. Three years ago, Anglican minister Josephine Inkpin finally made the decision to live openly as a woman, to stay married and stay a priest.

  15. With parts of Queensland recording their hottest July temperatures on record, one of Australia's leading climatologists has issued a dire warning about what lies ahead on the weather radar.

  16. Firefighters working at airports across Australia have been found with elevated levels of toxic PFAS chemicals in their blood, with some returning levels 10 to 20 times higher than the general population, documents obtained by the ABC under freedom of information laws reveal.

  17. Ninety-eight per cent of NSW and 57 per cent of Queensland is in drought or is drought-affected. Farmers and communities are facing ruin and say it's time their plight was recognised.

  18. The brother of one of the six men who died in the sinking of the fishing boat Dianne says a new standard requiring boats to carry an emergency beacon is a knee jerk reaction

  19. Queensland Urban Utilities is having to clear smelly fatbergs out of Brisbane sewers every day, and it's because we're washing oil, fats and garbage down our sinks.

  20. ABC journalist Nancy Webb will soon unplug from the daily news cycle, social media and life as she knows it to become a nun.

  21. Stanthorpe's Big Thermometer is being added to an ever-growing list of big things that Australian families have loved for decades as they hit the road on holiday.

  22. Passengers are becoming used to flights being cancelled due to weather, or even volcanoes, but now a new trend is beginning to upset travel plans across the country. Airlines are cancelling flights, even entire routes, because there is nobody to fly the plane.

  23. Almost six in 10 Queenslanders feel they probably haven't benefited from the nation's record run of economic growth, a new CEDA survey reveals.

  24. A new initiative to stop shoppers squeezing avocados to test ripeness results in a halving of bruised fruit and higher avocado sales.

  25. Simplot, the largest Australian manufacturer of frozen vegetables, does not expect any backlash to the local product in the wake of the latest potential listeria outbreak in frozen vegetables from overseas.

  26. The man at the centre of a wool industry scandal could be forced to relinquish his role if the recommendations from an independent review are implemented.

  27. Scientists and commercial fishermen say Australia's rollout of a carp virus is being rushed through, risking relationships with international trading partners.

  28. A director of an embattled wool body demands an immediate retraction, following a lobby group's submission to a review of her organisation's conduct.

  29. Graziers say unexplained pasture dieback has become a 'creeping cancer' and is moving into some of Queensland's best cattle country, yet researchers are still clueless about what is causing it.

  30. By sharing their favourite childhood stories with their own children, parents can help boost their kids' engagement with the text — and support a lifelong love of reading.

  31. A small rural community raised money to fix its maternity services destroyed in floods, but are told services will not return.

  32. Billions of dollars are being spent on infrastructure and environmental water to save the Murray-Darling Basin environment.
  33. Listen to Cassie Hough's report on the Murray Cod in the Murray-Darling Basin in Queensland.
  34. Listen to Tom Nancarrow's report on environmental water use on the Chowilla Floodplains.